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35 rue d’Alsace

21200 Beaune

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Le style est une manière de dire qui vous êtes sans parler

We have been talking about it for several years. The Burgundy

vineyard climats, today registered as World Heritage of Unesco,

needs to have a dedicated place. The project is now under way.

There is no better place than Beaune, the capital of the great Burgundy

wines, to build the Cité des Vins. It will be located along the Avenue

Charles de Gaulle, between the motorway exit and the town center, near

the Palais des Congress.

The Burgundy Wine and Climats Interpretation Center

One of the major stakes of the Association des Climats du vignoble de

Bourgogne, following their inscription as Unesco World Heritage, is to

help people understand what the climats are. Showing the ‘outstanding

universal value’ of these terroirs will be the objective of the Interpretation

Center, which should open its doors by the end of 2018. Meanwhile,

a temporary Interpretation Center will be located at Porte Marie de

Bourgogne, and will serve as a laboratory of ideas and experiments,

before moving to the Cité des Vins.

The work will be carried out by the town, with financial support from the

Communauté d’Agglomération Beaune, Côte et Sud, the Département

de la Côte d’Or and the Regional Council of Burgundy / Franche Comté.

The town will provide the land, manage the project and contribute 2

million euros to its financing.

The design will be carried out in close coordination with the Association

des Climats, on the basis of the museographical specifications drawn up

by the Agence Scarabée. It will then be up to the occupants to finance

their interior layout.